Wednesday 26 November 2008

Harun Yahya Essay Thread

You are invited to contribute to my entry to Harun Yahya's Anti-Darwin Essay Competition. Preference will be given to contributions that contradict their cited sources, that cite tertiary sources (e.g. Youtube videos, Conservapedia) as authority, or that contain cryptic insults or obscenities. Contributions may be added through the comments section.

Have at it!

Charles Darwin (1882-1809) was a British man who studied Christianity but never qualified as a scientist, though he collected beetles. Nor did he qualify as a Christian priest, though he came 10th in the exam because his lecturer helped him. In 1831, because he did not get a job when he finished university, his father paid for him to sail away on a boat called The Beatle. He was the "gentleman companion" of the Captain, but he later got married and had children, etc. The boat was a sailor-boat so it took 5 years to go all around the world. Maybe Darwin's "Theory" of Evolution happened because he was tired of being bored as a "gentleman companion" for 5 years. Even though Evolution can not add information, Darwin wrote a long diary about the trip, which proves Evolution is wrong.

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